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I'm a bit frustrated at present with the internet connections here or lack of. Found this morning that we can get WiFi here at the Hotel, not told that yesterday when I asked....

So began filling you all in just before on Travellers Point only to have the whole thing dissapear due to lost connection. AAAHHH

So have decided to type these as docs and cut and paste them into blogs. So be patient with these updates please.

Here we go again!!!!

We had good flights to Lima and arrived having had some sleep. 10 million people live in this fog/smog covered city which doesn't get direct sun at this time of year it seems. Interesting taxi ride through very poor areas of town to our hotel, The Grand Bolivar. Once very oppulent and the place to stay as you will see from my photo post, but now more of a 'tired Old Lady'. Even the staff look tired and unenthusiatic and haven't been that welcoming or helpful apart from a young woman on the front desk this morning who gave us the Internet code and brochures.

Continental breakfast is very meagre but at least its food.

Yesterday we spent walking around locally enjoying the sights, sounds and smells. The food we had was very good, and we are getting the idea about sopa, being soup, polla - chicken.

We looked inside an amazing Cathedral - mass was in session - and the Pope was there in June. Came across some archialogical diggings - very interesting, and had a tour through another church that was established by the Francescan Monks in 1600 and something. Old Frescos were found on the walls with St Francis of Assissi after an earthquake some years ago. Went down to the Catacoombs under the church where the remains of 25,000 people were found in 1989 after the crypts were re opened after being closed since 1889. Wow what a site.

Wandered through a Sunday market area and enjoyed seeing what was on offer, including all sorts of food, massage, and a man telling the benefits of honey to locals all with bees in attendance.

Today we may try the local drink Pisca Sour. Have had chicha - looks like a sort of fruit juice but made from corn apparently - red in colour and tastes good.

Deciding what bus trip to do now we have been given a brochure......

Bye for now.

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2 Our Trip

On our way

Well the reality is here. So exciting to be now sitting at Santiago Airport waiting for our flight on to Lima. After flying over all that ocean from Auckland, it was great to see the land as we flew over the coast near Santiago. The Andes mountains no less were amazing to look at and there is still snow on them. Very smoggy here in the cityarea though.
lots of stone carved figurines in the shops here like the Easter Island ones. Better go and find the departure gate for our next step.

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1 The Lead Up

Getting Ready

sunny 14 °C

Well, the days are racing by now and there seem to be more things that come up and need adding to the list of "to do's". Visitors coming to stay tonight as well and it will be great to see them, but it adds to the time frame.
Basically I wanted to try this out and see how it works so here I am. Things I should be doing and Ralph is working to complete jobs before he closes the Office today....and he has an appointment in Stratford this afternoon as well.
So we will get there!!! Only 4 more sleeps..Yay
Cheers Ruth

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