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8 Aguas Calientes

Machu Picchu at last

sunny 23 °C

Well!!, What can we say.....up at 4am yesterday at at Machu Picchu by 6.30am in time to see the sun come over the Mts and shine in this A ma zing place. Words just cannot describe the majesty of this wonder of the modern world. The stone architecture and inticate way the Inca's worked with the landscape - without moving any of the major geology is mind boggling. Even photos don't do it justice, but here are some. We were back in town - Agua Calientes - by noon. Restful afternoon and back at Cusco at 8.30pm after train and bus journey. Pic of huge Mt in the Andes from the train. A loongg day, but magnificent!
The pics may or may not upload so don't hold your breath.....wifi speed dependant....

Today a sleep in and a rest day to look more around Cusco. Some of us went on open top bus trip around town and views.....some sights I tell you!
8ff tomorrow morning at 7am on long bus trip day to Puno. ETA about 5.30pm with sight seeing along the way. Off to repack and sleep.

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7 My Birthday 15th August -here anyway.

Tour from Cusco to Ollantaytambo

First off, if these blogs become a bit far between, it is because sometimes the connection with WiFi is very hit and miss re speed. And you will have to excuse typos as the tablet is very sensitive and it depends who is typing these up.
Also the speed isn't fast enough often to add pictures so I suggest you find someone with Facebook and ask them to check my page as that is very easy to add news and pics to.

Also if you want to comment you can send an email comment from here. At least we will know who is follwing us.

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6 Cusco

Arrival and tours


Arrtved to a hot day with our transfer driver ready and waitiing for us - had a. Meeting with our tour guide at 4 pm. Mostly Aussies on the tour, couple from USA, two from Singapore, and us. A nice group of people

Gorgeous hotel right beside an Inca fountain and waterfall. A great improvement on the Gran in Lema.

Did a walking tour of thd local market and tour guide Daniel pointed out the important sights of the city.

Wonderfull architecture

Learnt about Llama, coca leaves, silver and. chocolate

435000 population.

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5 Lima still



Today made our way through the throngs of busniness people of all walks. So many ways they try to make a living!, And the traffic....bent and dented old cheap taxi's amongst the flash modern cars and motorbikes pushing trailers full of all sorts of gear. Oh, that's right, we walked through an area where Police were watching people who were gearing up for a protest of some sort. Police everywhere in riot gear and sheilds, even police dogs with muzzels. And TV reporters all over the place.

Finally arrived at the Museum we were seeking - Afro-american slave traders to South America. All in Spanish but amazing what you can decipher from it.

Spent afternoon wandering and people watching. Cool to be amongst such a diverse array of mankind. Outside the Presidential Palace there were 100s of people waiting to be escorted to seats inside the grounds. Again, Armed and riot ready Police everywhere. We think they arrive as a deterrant en-mase as there has been no sign of any trouble anywhere.

Went to the Belgium Restaurant again for waffles this time and took the Tablet to show the nice young waiter there where NZ is on Google Earth....he was very intersted. Then next thing Lorde was playing over the sound system....he looked up NZ and must have found her. Played her whole album and when we left he was asking about coming to see NZ. I gave him my business card.

Off to bed now and off to Cusco on flight tomorrow at 11.15am

Chaio for now.

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4 Lima



Yesterday Monday - we askeg at the front desk re bus trips around Lima. "Sure we have some brochures" said the nice girl at the deask. We commented that no-one had told us anything before.....like pulling teeth it had been,

Anyhow after lookimg at trips I happened to have a converstion with a friendly guy from Argentina who said they were going to catch a bus to Milaflores ( the seaside area) and that they would be happy to take us along. So many Gracia's later we got off the bus at Miraflores and they continued on to the next place

Baranco. We booked our 1hr tour and spent time in the Park, fascinated by all the cats there. Had lunch at 'Subway' and had some close up time with a cat that chose me to sit on and smooch my merino possum jersey.

Double decker bus, seats at the top and we were away. Through very old and rundown parts of Milaflores and beside new apartments and high rises being created everywhere. Near the coast we stopped beside an Inca arceoalogical site -huge- and looked amazing.....must google it!

Then to the coast and the Pacific Ocean which was hard to see through the foggy haze, but quite differnt to our coastline. Very old and crumbly rocks and rounded stones. Some nice gardens with areas like the the Nazca lines. Interesting and worthwhile. Then off the bus and to check out the Inca Markets, very colourful.

Finally found with help and pigeon English and Spanish where to catch the local bus back into centre city near our Hotel.Falling to bits old dungger but the people were friendly and told us which stop to get off at.

Dinner at a nice Belgium style Restaurant. Tried the traditional drink....Pisca Sour....Yumm.

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