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17 In La Paz

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Daniel had booked us into the Raddison Hotel for our end of Tour Dinner. Got there by Taxi.......well we and new Aussie friends Rod and Christine got into first taxi and off we went. Driver went down narrow streets (Friday night), what a shambles, don't really know if he knew where to go, took half an hour and we were 2nd to last to arrive.

Up to top floor with fantastico view of city and lights. Nice dinner but most of us full very quickly and tired. I thanked Daniel on behalf of our tour family and others added their thoughts and feelings. Quite emotional as we had all bonded soooo well. FAMILY.

We gave Daniel a Taranaki book the same as we gave our Titicaca host family. Late to bed as Dr ( a lovely young woman with 2 attendants) came to check Ralph's chest in case of lung fluid as having trouble breathing at night. Lungs ok but sore throat and tightness, so antibiotics.

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20 Pyramids of the Sun and Moon

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Wow another long anticipated historical place.

These are quite something I tell you. First view was from a way away looking along the Avenue of the Dead. I actually videoed Mario's explanation of the place to us, as we have had soooo much to take in over the past 2 weeks. So will have a listen and see if I can tell you a little of the history. The original city was Tiachuacan and it was on an Island in the very big lake that made up the area of where Mexico City is now. The original old city was home to 200,000 people who were the Aztecs and like the Incas built temples for their Gods. The top layers was where the held their ceremonies an made sacrifices to the Gods and the height was so they were closer to the Gods. They were astronimicaly aligned too.

Their workmanship was very precise but notas precise as in the stone cutting were saw in the ruins on the way to Puno.

Ralph and I climbed as far up as we could go on the moon pyramid,(the top levels closed due to restoration) but made it to tje top of the Sun Pyramid. Very steep steps but great to have made it and a fantastic view.

Before we arrived at the actual Pyramids, we had a stop at a place they carve in volcanic stone and different colourd obsidians. We also learnt there the myriad of uses of the cactus plants. We saw and tasted the Agave juice and sugar. Then were shown which Aloe the Tequilla is made from. And of course we did Tequilla tasting with the lime juice and salt thing. Learnt about the strong stuff with the worm too. Ralph got the worm but decided not to drink it so it went back into the bottle.

Late lunch at a very nice Cantina buffet place, then back to Hotel. A good day.

But, alas in the night Montzuma caught hold of Ralph and no good was he for the next several days.

We were supposed to do our Palace, cathedral and Anthroplology Museum tour the next day Tues, but I managed to change it till the .Wed. Ralph and I spent the day sleeping and recovering, hoping he would be okey dokey for tne Wed.

Started no badly, but faded very quickly and definately not well so he was guided back to

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16 Tiahaunaco

Tia wanako


Stopped on the way at this place where a great civilisation was established around 500BC but ended mysteriously aroun 1200 AD. It is a ceremonial complex with Temples and a lot of structures that indicate they were astronamers as there were several structures like gate ways. One is called Puerta del Sol ( Gateway of the Sun) Their structure walls have huge standing stones and even channels for water run off. They carved and used the e tremely hard andesite rock which came from volcanoes. The presicion of angles and interlocking of blocks made the structure very earthquake proof. Rod, an Aussie Engineer Architect in our group said that the smoothness of the stones even in the precise angles could not be acheived today with all the modern gear and technolgy to such a fine degree as this was.It isn't known what tools were used as none have been found and the thought is that the stone work was done at another yet undiscovered sight. There were also lots of carved jeads and faces, some looking as if they had hair lips or distortions, and is thought that these abnormalities indicated these people were looked on as having special powers and were to be revered. There were even 2 figure heads that loo,ed very alien as in the Roswell look. we all commented on these,.Another Amazing place.

There were some great pieces of pottery and many interesting items in the small but developing Museum there too.

Lunch stop was there and I tried Alpaca meat. Thin like Schnitzel and very nice.

Finally arrived at La Paz about 6pm. The highest Capital city in the world alongside Tibet. Average of 3,600 mtrs and at the platuea above town 4,000+. We got to ride on the brand new multi million $$$ cable car system down i to the heart of tne city. 11 minutes long and right over houses,businesses and even a cemetary. They are building 2 more lines to help the people access the city more quickly.......but now water treament or sewage plants.....next on the list apparently.

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15 The Bolivian Border


Bolivia and the Border Friday 22 August

Had to be up and on bus at 7am. Needed to get to border early as Friday is Market day each side of the border. And the 2 American's needed to get a special visa there to pass. Also Christina the US girl from New York was told she would have to have a Yellow Fever jab at the border too. Very upsetting as she wasn't informed it was required and was afraid of grubby needles and syringes.Daniel shared his moving story about growing up in turmoil and Rebel Army raids and massacres in the early 70s. About the recent history and political disasters that the people had to endure over the 70s, 80s and into a more settled time in the 90s. As a boy and early teen he was very close to 3 bomb blasts near his home. It was a very moving story of what was thought of as normal for this now mid 30s lovely young guy, married with a wee 7month old son. He now lives in Lima

Arrived at border in Desaguardero at 9am, what a crowd. Found Christina didn't need jab.....whew we told her she was with the lucky group and all would be well!!!

Had to get customs clearance on Peru side, then fill in forms for Bolivian side and drag our luggage along with us. But met new guide (Eduardo) and he had the bus close so we put our big bags on the bus. Then long slow process in queue for Bolivian Immigration. All went smoothly thank goodness and we could meet up with Daniel again on the bus 2 hours later. He greeted us with a box of chocolates to share in celebration.

Off on the bus along a very rough small road then a stop to take big bottle of Coke to some police who had let Eduardo get the bus close to Immigration to save us walking 5 blocks with our big suitcases. A thanks well received by the police.

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14 Heads up for Tomorrow

Bolivian border briefing

Back To Puno. 21st August Thursday

Boat ride back was 2.5hrs and past the Floating Is again. Big surprise when we got off boat to find Daniel had arranged pushbike taxis to take us into town. Spread over about 6 bikes and through the traffic, such fun but our guy was older and got quite puffed. Matt(young guy inhis 20s and very fit and on his honeymoon) gave his younger guy a rest and took turn at pedalling. Started with gusto but absolutely stuffed after a short distance. 4,000mtrs above sea level

Got rid of as much Peruvian Soles $ as we could for US $ as off to Bolivian border the next day. Nice lunch (tried a wee bit of roasted guniea pig - bit like chicken)

Bit of a rest at Hotel and short walks in afternoon. At dinner got the does and don'ts in prep for Bolivian Border and Immigration checks. Sounded a bit daunting and most of us didn't sleep too well.

Would have to have another guide meet us over the border bridge and we weren't allowed to even talk to Daniel or recognise him.

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